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marți, 28 octombrie 2008

Innovation, Mediation and Leadership

1. The Lisbon Strategy. What is this strategy about?

It is based on a consensus among member states to modernize Europe, both from a social and from an economic point of view. Moreover, an important aspect in accomplishing this goal is represented by the emphasis which is made on the cultural dimension.

The Age of the Great Discoveries

2. The European Year of Creativity and Innovation

As a continuation of the year 2008 which was the year of cultural exchange, the European Commission have declared the year 2009 as being the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. [1] Will it also be a year for creative leadership?

3. Key concepts which are representative for the present-day moment

These key concepts are: innovation, mediation and leadership.

The partnership represents another key concept which enables people to adapt themselves to new context, to develop the human resource and to participate in the democratic reconstruction of a fragmentary society, both from a cultural and from a social point of view.

4. Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are built on a new socio-educational paradigm [2] consisting of alternative methods of conflict resolution such as: negociation, mediation and problem solving. By its catalytic value in solving problems and discovering innovation, the conflict is an essential element of this new paradigm. Thus, mediation represents an instrument in leadership which means a change in the order of things, with a view to achieving extraordinary results in the management of transition and change at the start of the new millenium.

From this perspective, the relationship between innovation and leadership is made possible through the use of mediation which both unites and separates at the same time for a long-lasting social development.

[1] Le rapporteur Katerina Batzeli
[2] Conf. univ. dr. Carmen Bulzan, Articolul Sociodidactica – o nouă paradigmă a educaţiei în societatea cunoaşterii; director DPPD, Universitatea Ecologica din Bucuresti



Opposed or complementary ?

  • Right instruments to administer this construction
  • Global view
  • Momentum

5. As a conclusion:

Mediation represents an innovation in the classical law system (a cultural revolution for the lawyer), which clearly distinguishes a simple change – that is the variation of what already exists – from a profound change that alters the scope of what is possible.

© Virginia - Smarandita Braescu

Executive President of the Training, Consulting and Mediation Center

MEDIARCOM: spirit de echipa pentru inovatie si leadership in mediere / MEDIARCOM: esprit d'équipe pour innovation et leadership en médiation

joi, 16 octombrie 2008

Conflict Resolution Day 2008, Lisbon, Portugalia

Fotografii realizate de Diana Ramos©MEDIARCOM (European Mediation Association), Conflict Resolution Day 2008 in parteneriat cu ACR (Association for Conflict Resolution) si sprijinul GRAL (Alternative Dispute Resolution Office of the Ministry of Justice of Portugal)

joi, 9 octombrie 2008

Ziua Mondiala a Rezolvarii Conflictelor / Conflict Resolution Day

MEDIARCOM (Asociatia Europeana de Mediere) organizeaza in data de 17 octombrie 2008,
un workshop cu tema
"Medierea: de la competitie la colaborare cu accent pe valori, interese, nevoi, emotie"
Patricia Malbosc , Franta

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